Worship Aides

For Mass

Parish Prayer before Mass (found on inside cover of Church/Chapel Missal)

Mass Readings (for the current day)

Act of Spiritual Communion

Eucharistic Exposition & Benediction

Chapel Devotional Booklet (for prayers following Daily Mass after Exposition)


2022 Sunday Vespers for Lent 

Vespers – 1st Sunday Lent 2022 Cycle C

Vespers – 2nd Sunday Lent 2022 Cycle C

Vespers – 3rd Sunday Lent 2022 Cycle C

Vespers – 4th Sunday Lent 2022 Cycle C

Vespers – 5th Sunday Lent 2022 Cycle C


Digital Resources for All Ages: Families, Kids & Adults

Connect, Deepen Your Prayer & Grow in Virtue

FORMED.org (Free subscription to You & Easy to Sign Up): has been widely called ‘The Catholic Netflix’

Bishop Robert Barron’s YouTube Channel

Ascension Presents YouTube Channel

Dr. Scott Hahn’s St. Paul Center: explore the richness of Sacred Scripture & understanding of the faith

Redeemed Online YouTube Channel: Lent Made Simple, daily reflection from a number of terrific speakers

Lifeteen Blogs: Really Recommend! An awesome site directed to teens & families with “how to’s” on a variety of topics

The Catholic Mom & Catholic Icing: for Mom’s & Young Kids – fun family ideas & crafts

*Recommend Your Favorite/Go-To Resource! Let’s build each other up in Christ, E-Mail: kzampier@sainthelenachurch.org


The Diving Mercy Chaplet


Recitation of the Rosary