High School Youth Group


Dear young people, let yourselves be taken over by the light of Christ, and spread that light wherever you are.” – Pope St. John Paul II 


We can do great things when we are in relationship with Jesus!

Our goal is to introduce the high school students of our parish to this truth and equip them with the tools necessary to preach the Gospel in the four steps provided by YDisciple. 

We start by recognizing that we are loved by God and created to be in relationship with Him. With that truth, we acknowledge that our sin divides us from this communion of love with God. We teach that Jesus “bridges” this divide by dying for each one of us and ransoming us back from death. Finally, we respond to this message with thanksgiving and love by giving our lives over fully to Jesus by building and deepening our personal relationship with Him through the Church, sacraments, and prayer. 

We’d love to connect you with our Youth Ministry program whether you’re a teen, parent or just interested in helping out!

Contact Christian Thompson

Phone: 610-930-0349

E-Mail: cthompson@sainthelenachurch.org