New 6th – 8th Grade Youth Group Registration – Fall 2022

We are so excited that you are thinking of signing your child/grandchild up for our NEW 6th-8th grade Youth Group. 

Register your teenager below!

We all know what a difficult time the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade years are. Self-worth, identity, sports teams, school grades, bullying, social media. The list, as you know, could go on and on.


Why should you send your teenager to our youth group? Why should you add one more thing to their already busy schedule?


Allow me to use an analogy of a bike wheel. The bike wheel itself is our personal relationship with God the father. The various spokes of the wheel are how we live out that relationship: school, sports, dance, family, friends, youth group, and other extracurricular groups.


Teenagers need relationship, identity, and mission.


The good thing is we already have the answers: our relationship is with our loving God, our identity is as beloved children of our Father, and our mission is to set the world on fire with the love that God has for each one of us.


Where does our part come in? To help our teenagers understand these truths. The purpose of our new youth group is to give our teenagers the resources and help they need to achieve all of their goals. Youth ministry is not just about helping your children to fall in love with God. It is also about helping them understand who they are so they can become better students, athletes, children, and friends.


The girls will be following BLAZE, a Bible study designed for girls to discover their unique purpose, gifts, and God’s love. The boys will be following ENCOUNTER, a Bible study designed to introduce boys to the power and purpose of Jesus in their daily lives.


Please contact me with any questions and comments. It is my great honor and pleasure to be able to assist you with your teenagers during these so crucial and formative years of their lives.

To register your teenager, please e-mail/call me, visit our website, or click HERE.

Christian Thompson

Director of Parish Services



Who is our youth group for?

Your children/grandchildren in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.


When will the youth group meet?

Sunday evenings from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.



Where will the youth meet?

The location will be in the parish convent (the pre-k center)


Why are we starting with only six meetings?

Since this is our pilot program, we all want to get the feel of how we can best provide this youth group. Our goal is to meet more consistently come 2023 when we can have a better idea of how many teenagers we can expect and plan for.

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